Kelsey Grant is passionate about normalizing and bringing integrated pleasure, connection and intimacy back into the spotlight of human relating. With 15 years of experience in this industry, she delivers mystical transmissions through her writing, coaching, public speaking and teachings. Her dream is to ensure women, men and people have access to unlocking the art of deeper alignment, passion, soulful magic and pleasure with themselves, and with one another in all relational dynamics.

Her values of acceptance, compassion and integrity create a safe emotional and energetic home for all of you to be welcome in the exploration of your truest nature. Her podcast The Pleasure Portal, explores the intimate nature of sex, pleasure, feminine essence, healthy relating while breaking the chains of patriarchy that have kept us all in the dark about our mystical power and truest soul essence.

Kelsey’s BA in Sociology with a concentration in Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, fuels her fire to support the reclamation of the divine feminine, the utilization of pleasure as the portal to unlocking our potent magic and to light up the gateways to the remembrance that lives deep in our cells.

As a love, intimacy and relationship educator her passion for deep, passionate and true love runs deep. Her relationship education platform The Legendary Love Academy produces live events, offers online self-study programs, online group programs and local and international retreats.

In addition to her commitment to love and relationship education, her passion for producing epic high level events runs deep. She is the producer and event director for MOTU Summit and her flagship day training Get the Love Worth Having. Her previous producing credits include Awesomeness Fest and Mantalks.

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