Pleasure, romance and love are themes that many associate with Valentine's Day. 

And for those who are single on this day, you are still just as worthy of the pleasure, romance, I promise. 

In this weeks episode I explore approaching Valentine's Day through a pleasure lens for anyone who is single or unable to spend their V-day in the usual ways...hello pandemic.

We cover: 

• The meaning we make about holidays and how that is essential data to support us in getting our needs met. 
• How to create a day filled with love, pleasure and romance even if you're flying solo.
• Why understanding our unconscious beliefs and expectations can be so helpful in creating more high quality connection. 


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For those interested in sharing their love day self-romancing, tag me at @radicalselflove on instagram so I can celebrate your celebration! 


The Visioning for Love workshop will be taking place on Feb 20th 2021 and all the details and registration info can be found HERE

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