In this week's episode we explore the magical world of evidence collecting. 

We're all experts at collecting evidence to support the beliefs and the realities we've lived. The issue is most of the time the evidence we're collecting supports our limitations and blocks the blessings we're ultimately desiring. 

In this episode I dive into how to start collecting the evidence that serves the relationship dreams you hold in your heart, why this evidence collection process is essential for expanding our capacity to be with realities of life and how it's the doorway to welcome great love into the home of your heart! 


For those of you who are ready to take this evidence collecting and visioning process to the next level of magic, registration for my upcoming class Pleasure Mapping 101 is now open! 

Pleasure Mapping 101: Your Guide to Living a Turned ON Life 

Your life is meant to feel good.

If you KNOW 2021 is the year you're calling in more MAGIC, love, abundance, health, new career opportunities, healthier relationships, ease, pleasure and fulfillment in each major area of life, then this is the container for you!

This 4 week program pairs my curriculum of four pillars to living a pleasure filled, turned on life, plus coaching calls. Together we'll dive into each major area of life, identify where you're holding blocks and what portals of pleasure need to open to find more ease, flow, abundance and magic in these areas. 

What does it mean to live on purpose and be dripping in pleasure? Ready to find out? 

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Program starts January 16th 2021!


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