The holidays are upon us friends!

A lot of our plans have been altered, and we might be doing holidays a bit different this season.

In this episode we dive into a brief guide to support you in cultivating more pleasure this season
no matter how your holidays are looking this year. 

As always choose the offerings that resonate and don't stress about the rest. You know you best. xo


I've decided as my holiday gift to ya'll, all my mini courses over at my love and relationship academy will be 50% off until Jan 31st 2020.

Use the promocode: HOLIDAY2020 (all caps) to access any of the self-study programs HERE

I highly recommend scooping up the program "Spotting and Stopping Emotional Manipulation" if you're heading home for the holidays and the family/relational drama gets cooking real fast when everyone is together. This program has a specific guide to boundaries over the holidays and will support you in not getting hooked into old drama loops. 

To check out this program and all the available courses click HERE and remember to use the promocode: HOLIDAY2020 for your 50% off!

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