Welcome back to episode 18 of the Pleasure Portal Podcast babes! 

In today's episode I welcome my dear sister Brooke Yantzi on the show to chat with me about all things conscious relating, breaking spells of perfection (you know the ones where we unconsciously expect partners to be perfect, while we can still be loved for our imperfections) and the importance of embodied movement when it comes to maintaining healthy relating of all forms. 

We explore:

- Conscious relating, taking personal responsibility and waking up to how much of our relational behaviour is unconscious.

- Why conscious relating is both the most beautiful experience and the toughest. 

- Conscious relating is the process of expanding your capacity to feel deeper and expand higher.

- Falling in love with the possibility of people vs stepping into love with who someone really is.

- The importance of giving and taking feedback in partnership

- Permission to start the day with pleasure, connection and embodiment

- The link between movement/embodiment and relational anchoring

- The international language of dance

- Reclaiming your feminine through dance and movement even if you’re not a “dancer”. 

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