In this episode of the Pleasure Portal Podcast I sit down with my dear sister Charlie Holiday(Poitras) to have a very candid conversation about consent, agency and of course some good ol fashioned sex magic! 

This conversation is rich, open and filled with so much love. Because we do share about our experiences with sexual trauma and wounding, it is of upmost importance that you tune into your body and take care of what you need. If this is a convo that could be upsetting to your system, it is up to you to give yourself the care you require. If at points it becomes a lot for your system, press pause and take care of you. 

Now for the formal magic:

Charlie Poitras is the Founder of Fierce Leadership & Co., a personal and professional development company committed to empowering people to be leaders of their lives. She is an international consultant and Clarity Coach, specializing in Conscious Leadership Development. Over the last ten years in consulting, speaking and coaching, Charlie has had a profound impact on the lives of individuals to empowering them to release their magic into the world, as well as supporting organizations with her unique and holistic approach to performance hacking in a variety of industries. These include, but are not limited to The United Nations, Fortune 500 insurance companies, luxury travel organizations, technology and crowdsourcing, non-profit organizations, and more. She is committed to freeing people up by getting them out of “boxes” and into lives they love as their highest selves. 

To connect with Charlie: 

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