In this episode my guest Christine Banno and I get SPICY! 

This is a usual occurrence when we are in one another's fields, in this very unscripted, unedited convo we dive through some deep terrain while keeping it light, spicy and hilarious. 

We both out ourselves and our shadow patterns that played so deeply into our codependency and how we moved through those patterns to open, receive and allow connections, love and magic that is aligned with who we are to enter. 

What we cover: 

• Cashing in your victim chips to play at the possibility casino.
• Connecting to the quantum field + shadow work.
• Our stories with overfunctioning and the shadowy underbelly that helped us reclaim our power back.
• Inner child work and coming back into right relationship with you, your body and your nervous system. 
• Why walking your talk is such an important element for calling in relationships where you're met fully.
• The relationship between manifestation, magnetism, the body and the nervous system.


Connect With Christine Banno:

Website + Programs: HERE
Social Media: HERE


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Catch Christine and all her spicy goodness in my upcoming program Mutually Met!

She's our guest teacher for Month 2 on The Queen Code of Radical Responsibility and she'll be leading a class on Shadow Work which I am VERY excited for you to experience. 

The extended payment plan has been added so tuition isn't the reason you don't join us. 

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