BB's we're back! 

Today was a very special day. I received a rough mix of my new song/single and after a emotional day of feeling the significance of this new chapter of my life coming to fruition this wonderful episode came through. 

In it I explore with you the connection between your calling, living on purpose and being mutually met in a relationship. 

It's spicy, I even serenade ya'll at about 8 mins in...

Love you all! 


Ladies...if the call to be Mutually Met is lighting up every cell in your body and you know it's time, enrollment is now open for my upcoming program Mutually Met.

All of the program details and registrations options can be found HERE

Space is limited and I'll likely be offering this program once a year, so if this is your year for calling in EPIC LOVE where you're actually met then this is the journey for you! 

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