In this week's episode I welcome my dear sister Jasmine Rose in for a beautiful conversation about all things womb reclamation, pleasure rituals and feminine magic! 

Jasmine is the founder of Humble Wild Wellness. She is a Sacred Womb Guide, holding space for women to come home to the magic, mystery, and wisdom of their pelvic bowl.

In this episode we cover: 

• What is means to care for the wombspace.
• Tapping into the magic of the wombspace.
• The truth about moving through the layers of stickiness when it comes to reclaiming the magic of our menstrual power, pussy power and wombspace portals.
• Becoming the expert of your inner landscape.
• Reigniting the pleasure flame for ourselves via self-pleasure rituals. 

It's a deliciously deep conversation one that I am so very excited to share with you pleasure babes!

To connect with Jasmine: 

Instagram: HERE
To join Jasmine's Womb Circles + 1-1 Womb Mentorship and all the magic she's up to head on over to her website HERE

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