In this week's episode I sit down with my beloved friend, sister and colleague Silvy Khoucasian. 

Silvy is one of my most favourite humans, she's kind, generous, considerate and such a brilliant coach and teacher when it comes to all things relationships, boundaries and attachment systems. 

It is one of my greatest blessings in life to be loved up by this woman. To get to share her magic with ya'll today brings me great joy and pleasure. Let's dive in! 

In this episode we explore: 

• The nature of boundaries.
• Boundaries in romantic relationships vs friendship boundaries.
• How our boundaries have strengthened our friendship and trust in sisterhood. 
• Titrating vulnerability and it's link to building relational trust. 
• Negotiating needs, boundaries and counter-offers in love and friendship. 

Connect with Silvy: 

Instagram: HERE
Boundaries Program: HERE
Website: HERE

Silvy is a Relationship Coach and the Founder of Love With Integrity Coaching. She is a writer and has an extensive background in the theatrical arts, particularly in acting and in film production. Silvy uniquely fuses her knowledge of attachment theory, boundaries, sociological systems, art, and creativity in her coaching work with her clients. She has facilitated one on one, couples, and group sessions over the last 9 years and has spent a significant amount of time investing in her own personal healing journey. She deeply values being a compassionate guide as well as an eternal student. Silvy has been featured in Women’s Health, Vogue, Playboy, Allure, and Cosmopolitan magazine. Silvy eagerly looks forward to contributing to and uplifting the global conversation on intimate relationships for many years to come.


I've chosen to postpone my Visioning for Love workshop until March 6th 2021. I've also decided to make this workshop FREE. 

If you want in on the magic you can sign up HERE


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