For this week's guest interview I sat down with my amazing friend and fellow love coach Kate Harlow to deep dive on the oldest complaint in the dating world....

Why Are There No Good Men in MY City? 

We get it, dating can be an intense place to be especially in these current times. 

But no matter what is going on in the world, the complaint about the high quality humans remains constant. 

So we're breaking it down, giving our insights and providing our perspectives to get unhooked from this niggling dating dilemma. 

In this episode we jam on: 

• Love and dating mindsets
• Empowered narratives for high quality dating
• Tuning your focus to see more of what we want to see
• Why complaining works against your hearts desires in dating
• The importance of carving your own vision for your love life and not following a predetermined model based on your family history. 

About today's guest:

Kate Harlow is the Owner and founder of The Expanded Love Method. She is a revolutionary Love Coach & Teacher, co-host of The New Truth Podcast and creator of the Expanded Love Method. This infallible method helps women to break free from old painful relational patterns & become their highest most magnetic version of themselves. It is her mission to transform women’s self worth – so they can finally experience the life and love they deeply desire. Kate Harlow is a masterful teacher, coach & influencer - and is known for awakening women to who they TRULY are. She's been coaching & teaching for over 12 years!

Kate's Freebie to our Community:

Discover Your Sabotour HERE


Connect With Kate: 



Given this month is the month dedicated to LOVE, I'll be focusing this month's content on dating, love and relationships. 

For those of you who are ready to up-level your vision for love, I have a new workshop I'm hosting on Feb 20th called Visioning for Love, all event details can be found HERE


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